It is quite amazing to think how digital technologies and the web have changed life drastically. It is hardly possible to get things done smoothly without using online services and mobile apps nowadays. From ticket booking to ordering food and getting diagnosed, everything can be done through smartphone apps. Android rules in the smartphone OS segment, while iOS caters to a niche segment across the world. Developing an android app is something most businesses want, and that is prudent too. However, it is necessary to learn about android app development costs before hiring an android app development company.

Reasons to opt for Android app development

There are many benefits of opting for android app development. These are:

  • Simpler App Acceptance Process by Google.
  • Reasonable app Publishing Fee.
  • Access to a massive user pool.
  • Technology Adoption.

A guide to android app development cost estimation

A lot of factors are involved when developing an app for the Android OS ecosystem. To calculate approx. Android app development cost, you have to analyze these aspects carefully.

  • The time involved- On average, the longer it takes to develop an app for the Android platform, the higher its cost is likely to be. This is owing to the fact that most play store app developers charge per hour. So, an app that takes a long time for development will cost you more than another that takes less time.
  • App size- The size of an Android application is proportionately related to its development cost. Smaller apps have fewer sections and require less time for development, and the opposite can be said about larger apps. A small app with a few sections and static content may be developed within $10000. Enterprise apps with around a dozen sections and dynamic content may cost over $50000.
  • Feature set- The more features an Android app contains, the costlier it is going to be. This is logical given the fact creating more features and incorporating them into an app requires the developers to work hard and spend more time. The most widely used features in such apps include embedded live chat, push notifications, numerous security features, payment gateway integration, etc. To ensure your brand’s Android app is made with advanced features, hire a veteran google play app developer.
  • App type- The cost of developing an Android app is also determined by the type of app, eventually. There are three types- Progressive Web Apps, Native, and Cross-Platform apps. Android native development is done using Java or Kotlin. Cross-Platform Android apps are made using React Native, Flutter, and such mobile app development frameworks. Each type has its benefits and limitations.
  • API integration- Based on what type of users it caters to, an Android app may have to be embedded with different third-party APIs. Most apps are equipped with payment APIs and gateways. Based on what payment mode is chosen and deployed in an app, the service provider may charge monthly charges. Apart from that, other APIs like Google Maps and Movie Database APIs may have to be deployed in an Android app. There can be additional charges for using such APIs too.
  • Developer location- Android app developers can be located nearly everywhere nowadays, given the massive popularity of the platform. However, the notable thing is Android app developers charge differently, and the rate varies from one place to another. Europe and US-based developers charge much higher per hour compared to their Asian counterparts. This is why a lot of brands prefer hiring Asian android app developers who offer their services through an outsourcing model.
  • Security- Nowadays, no developer can afford to be careless about implementing security features in a mobile or web app. Android apps have been targeted profusely by hackers, and that has prompted Google to step up the default security measures in its ecosystem apps. However, if the developer you choose decides to deploy additional security measures that may affect app development costs eventually.
  • Hidden cost factors- There are some hidden costs involved in android app development, and you should be aware of these.
  • Hosting service-related charges.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance charges.
  • Updates.
  • Email Integration.
  • Push Notifications.
  • Licensing (one-time cost).Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
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Ways to keep android app development costs within a limit

As you can see, Android app development cost depends on some factors, and there are additional costs too. However, it is possible to ensure the cost does not hit the sky by adopting some measures.

  • Hire developers after careful comparison- There is no shortage of Android app development services nowadays. So, do not be in a hurry about hiring such agencies to get your company app developed. Check out and compare your options in this regard. You may pick an overseas agency offering Android app development through an outsourcing model. Asian Android app development agencies charge far less than their US and European counterparts per hour and overall. You may even hire a veteran freelance android app developer.
  • Discuss with the developers- Before you finalize a deal with any Android app development agency, discuss with it cost reduction options. Veteran agencies usually guide their clients in this regard. For example, you may save to an extent by discarding features that won’t be needed by your target users. If you have a small company, there is hardly any need to invest in a large and complex app, for sure.
  • Get facts clear on additional costs- When you sign up for any android app development agency, clarify your doubts regarding the additional cost factors. These include app maintenance, updates, hosting, etc.

Picking the best agency for Android app development

There are so many agencies that offer Android app development services these days, and you need to zero in on the apt one. The selection may seem tedious, but you can ease it by assessing the contenders on some major aspects.

  • Whether you hire a regional Android app development company or an offshore agency offering outsourcing services, check its tenure and expertise. Veteran players are usually more reliable than new entrants in this sector.
  • When you interact with an Android app development agency, enquire about charges and related expenses. The top agencies will include cost-related details to you, but it is better to clear any doubt before finalizing the deal, for sure.
  • Any android app developer or agency can say many nice things about the services and experience etc. But, you should not skip checking out the portfolio of the developer. Check the apps made by the agency carefully. Do the apps run fast and offer good navigation? Are there enough features, and is the UI pleasant? These are the things that you have to assess.
  • A veteran Android app development entity is likely to have a large client base, hailing from several sectors. Check out the feedback of the clients online.

Summing it up

Developing an Android app for your company is definitely prudent, but you have to think of the app development cost too. Analyze the factors impacting app development cost and hire an agency after a thorough discussion.


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